The Warm Hand-off

A process called the warm hand-off was created where a survivor from an opioid overdose is connected with some recovery supports, ideally a CRS.

The problem is that it’s hard to get people connected in a timely manner with a CRS. Delays lead to lost opportunities to get people struggling with addiction in touch with a CRS, and worse, with reduced tolerance and/or withdrawal symptoms, survivors without treatment might be in a better position to overdose again.

Reach Technology manages information sharing across all care providers involved in warm handoffs to CRS

Reach Case Manager for Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coach Need More Resources

Developing meaningful long-term recovery relationships with clients is the greatest benefit of having a CRS because they are able to relate personally to individuals that are in active addiction. They can connect clients to substance abuse resources in a stigma-free, affirming way, and serve as role models for their clients. Our research shows that they are also often asked to address issues not directly related to addiction, but may be barriers to recovery.

Reach Provides Technology and Community in a Toolbox

Builds community for CRSs, EMTs and others on the front line of the opioid crisis for teamwork and support.

Reach provides a Toolbox that can be deployed in areas were public health interventions are required.