History: Forged from Competition

  • October 2018 - Team Titans wins $1000 and other perks from Independence Blue Cross at Code4PA
  • January 2019 - Reach Technologies is formed and awarded $10,000 from HRSA

Our Focus

Integrated primary, mental health and substance abuse treatment services, that are family-centered and trauma-informed have proven to be the gold standard for addressing the opioid crisis, but most pregnant women, mothers and infants in addiction have limited access to such services under one roof. Various components of such care are available, but can be burdensome for a person in addiction to coordinate.

Many communities across the country are recognizing the important role Certified Recovery Specialists can play in addressing the opioid crisis, particularly for pregnant women and new mothers in addiction. Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) are peer supports with lived experience of addiction, who can assist clients through the steps of long-term recovery, by leveraging and amplifying the impact of existing community resources, virtual resources, and advocating for smart augmentation to fit the needs of women in recovery. REACH establishes an initial connection and allows for a long-term coaching relationship between people with addiction and CRS via SMS, streamlines the process of searching for available resources for CRS, and collects and analyzes data.