Connecting People to People using Technology

Developed to facilitate a Warm Handoff to treatment services for overdose survivors, Reach connects people in need with service professionals at any hour of the day, across geographic barriers.  Utilizing Slack chat technology, Reach makes it easier to locate available resources through chatbots and commands, especially for urban and rural communities.

Reach allows for the collection of de-identified data which can be analyzed to find gaps in services, and inform needs assessments and feasibility studies for the expansion and creation of services tailored to community needs. Reach allows for team-building, collaboration, and service coordination between professionals.

For this challenge, Reach seeks to connect pregnant women and mothers who have Opioid Use Disorder, with Certified Recovery Specialists who have lived addiction and recovery experience. But there is endless potential for use cases for Reach: veterans, returning citizens (ex-offenders), people living with mental illness, people living with HIV, just to name a few.